Friction Conveyor Roller Series 3800

Transporting and accumulating unit handling, such as cardboards or containers. Also suitable for implementing buffer or cooling sections.

The friction heads are interchangeable and can also be exchanged with fixed friction heads. A permanently pressed bearing housing allows inserting a variety of drive heads. The friction heads made of polyamide are secured against dropping out.

The use of polyamide or polyoxymethylene drive heads results in very quiet running.

Numerous drive types are available. Depending on the requirement profile, the rollers can be driven with flat, PolyVee or toothed belts as well as chains with a pitch of 1/2" or 3/8".

Conveyance as well as accumulation pressure depend on the weight of the materials.

Note: Please read the additional important information about the use of the friction roller in the planning section, Friction rollers.

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