Drum Motor DM 0138

Available September 2018!

Practice-oriented, scalable and thought out in detail: The new drum motor DM 0138 makes it easy to build a completely individual conveyor system and is dimensioned for the higher requirements for permissible belt tension from industry and belt manufacturers.

With a broader speed spectrum, the DM 0138 covers all possible applications. The clever plug-and-play connection significantly simplifies the installation. Each motor is approved, tested, and modularized so that it can be produced and delivered around the world in the shortest amount of time.

The modular design of the DM0138 allows a free combination of individual module groups, such as shaft, end cover, shell, steel gear, asynchronous or synchronous motor winding, to perfectly meet the requirements of an application. In addition, various options, such as encoder, brake, backstop, rubber laggings, etc., as well as different accessories are available.

With the platform concept of the DM 0138, it is possible to cover all internal logistics applications in the food processing sector, as well as in industry, distribution and airports.

Technical Data

Motor technology  Asynchronous 
No. phase  3-phase 
Diameter  138 mm 
Material gearbox  Steel 
Rated power  160 - 1000 W 
Rated torque  15.7 - 238.3 Nm 
Max. Belt pull   3454 N 
Velocity of the shell  0.04 - 2.29 m/s 
Drum width (FW)  307 - 1600 mm 
Friction drive belt   
Positive drive belt   
Without belt