Meet Mahathanakom who joined Interroll in 2002


Project Manager

Chonburi, Thailand

„Our high standards must be redeveloped on a daily basis – and that is also the reason why I enjoy working here at Interroll in Thailand.“


When people think of Thailand, they usually think of white beaches, an abundance of botany and colourful clothing.

When you think of Interroll and Thailand, what comes to mind first?

Thailand is very open to technical innovations. This has had very positive implications for Thailand, as it was incorporated into the G20 as one of the leading economic countries of Southeast Asia.

Is this a reason to put your feet up and relax in “paradise?”

Definitely not! Our high standards must be redeveloped on a daily basis – and that is also the reason why I enjoy working here at Interroll in Thailand.

I have the freedom to develop new, creative ideas and implement visions that help the company and the country to progress further.

Ideas and visions require an environment and a foundation on which they can grow and flourish – how well do you think Interroll facilitates this?

This is EXACTLY why Interoll is virtually the perfect environment!

The design philosophy is right on the mark and the products prove themselves day after day around the globe.

I also have very many young, enthusiastic colleagues who I can train so that they are ready to take on my role and my responsibility in the future.

A working life cannot be any more reasonable nor satisfying, can it?

That is certainly true and I continue to consider it a great challenge to pass on my knowledge to others within Interroll.

You were previously a member of staff in the development department of Tigerpoly and worked on plastic components for the automotive industry. How did you become involved with conveyance technology 10 years ago?

Without enthusiasm, you will not succeed. I was enthusiastic right from the outset and this enthusiasm has not left me even today. From there, I started “learning by doing” with an attitude of curiosity, I completed further training at Interroll Academy, became familiar with various branches and their production emphasises, and last but not least, followed a training programme to become product manager.

What takes up the majority of your time in this position nowadays?

The introduction of SAP, the corresponding company structuring, technical support and market development for Drum Motor and RollerDrives. I believe it is important to manage our branch with motivation and organisation so that success is sustainable in the future.

What do you do when you are not busy working for Interroll?

I am very interested in football and I enjoy swimming. This keeps me physically fit. I relax mentally by playing video games. This may sound slightly childish, but it helps me to establish some distance from my working life which is sometimes necessary considering all of my commitments.


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