Meet Michaela who joined Interroll in 2010


Internal Sales for East Europe

Breclav, Czech Republic

„I really like the international character of Interroll. I visited my colleagues in Istanbul and Milan when I trained them in SAP and I often return in thoughts to these visits.“


I am the person in charge for the Internal Sales for East Europe.

I started working for Interroll on the 25th January 2010. A very special day for me!

As I was a language teacher at primary school before, I never thought that I would do a job related on technical basis one day. It was a big challenge for me, but I was curious and very ambitious to take it.

First what I see when I enter the office in the morning is the smile of my colleagues. Because of the solidarity and warmth in my team I feel very positive and balanced every day. This strength I can use to serve our customers in the most professional way. I am always proud of myself when I manage to resolve complicated issues which I have never faced before. I also really like my job because Interroll gives me a lot of opportunities to develop myself.

Two months after joining Interroll I participated a Drum Motor training at the Interroll Academy and from then on I knew that I found my way. Because of the ongoing technical development nowadays there is always something new to learn and that stimulates me a lot.

The courses are not only on technical basis, I can also improve my language and computer skills. This is very important for me. Interroll helped me when I graduated my university studies, too. My thesis was about the steel market so I contacted my colleague in Switzerland who is responsible for steel analysis and he sent me a lot of useful publications about this topic. Our sales unit finance director agreed to be the head of my thesis. She participated also my final state examination and was a huge support for me. My next goal is to improve my German as I´m going to continue my study at the university in German. I hope this improves my communication skills with customers in this language. It´s means a lot to me having people in my work environment who are ready to help also if it’s not just business oriented.

I really like the international character of Interroll. I visited my colleagues in Istanbul and Milan when I trained them in SAP and I often return in thoughts to these visits. They spent their free time with me, doing sightseeing and I tasted a lot of dishes that I didn´t know before, especially in Istanbul. I see it very helpful to meet other staff abroad and talk about the everyday business. You can bring a lot of new ideas to your own work.

Although Interroll is a big company you are considered as an individual with your own feelings, character and also problems. The good working environment at Interroll is not only about the willingness to help, they want you to be happy! Flexible working hours allow me to have enough free time for my hobbies, family and keeping me healthy. I am completely satisfied and happy with my job at Interroll.

If one´s happy about the job he brings the happiness also to the personal life.

My huge passion is sports. I also like the nature. So the biggest relaxation for me is jogging with my dog somewhere in the forest. I like every sport that is full of energy. I do Zumba and my new ardor since a few months is Tabata workout.


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